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Tom Wood x Pokémon launches Thursday 28th September at Dover Street Market.

Jewellery brand Tom Wood, in partnership with Pokémon has unveiled a new jewellery collection featuring the iconic Pokémon Pikachu.

“The process of connecting Pokémon and Tom Wood has been both exciting and rewarding, which is exactly why I took on this project. The end result is a timeless tribute to both brands, merging playfulness with excellent craftsmanship into a miniature object. I hope the Pikachu Happy, Pikachu Hello, and Pikachu Shy will become collector's items and bring joy and happiness to the owner” said Mona Jensen, founder of Tom Wood.

The Pokémon Collection showcases three Pikachu charms in different motifs – Shy, Happy, and Hello. The jewellery charms are designed to be worn with layering in mind, or as a singular unit.

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