Random Identities designer Stefano Pilati talks about inspirations rooted inspontaneity, queer culture, community and Dover Street Market.

The Berlin-based brand takes inspiration from the societal gender shift as well as the creator’s own coveted personal archives presenting a genderless, seasonless and luxurious wardrobe. Random Identities has established itself as a reference for whomever wishes to step outside of the system, all while insisting on a more democratic approach to fashion with luxury quality pieces at a contemporary price point.

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Where do you typically find inspiration for your designs?

Stefano Pilati: As a designer, I draw inspiration from various sources, including craftsmanship, silhouette, shape, material, and form. With a keen eye and a proper perspective, these elements can be found everywhere. I am fascinated by both spontaneous creative accidents and well-planned concepts.

How much does your community influence the brand?

SP: My community plays a critical role in my creative process. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded and supported by a talented and like-minded group of individuals. Queer Culture is at the foundation of the Random Identities essence.


Can you talk us through your latest collection and campaign?

SP: For my latest collection, I dug deep into my archive of personal favorites. I looked through the lens of a sculptor's perspective, combined with my love of true tailoring. As for the campaign, it showcases me and my muse MJ doing what we do best. We love to experiment with spontaneous styling ideas, movement, and storytelling through our work. Matt Lamberth, who has been supporting Random Identities from the start, captured our aesthetic dance with remarkable precision.

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What are your ambitions for the future of Random Identities?

SP: The sky is the limit! I hope to see Random Identities continue to grow at a healthy pace while always representing Queer Culture with care and dedication. I want to surprise people.

What was your first memory of Dover Street Market, and what does it mean to you?

SP: Dover Street Market is a one-of-a-kind space that embodies a unique understanding of style, design, and fashion. It holds a special place in my heart as a space that celebrates creativity and pushes boundaries. When it opened in 2004, I felt it was the most authentic fashion Mecca when I think of a place to feel the Zeitgeist.