Phaidon presents The River Cafe Look Book: Recipes for Kids of All Ages. Ruth Rogers and Executive Chefs Sian Wyn Owen and Joseph Trivelli share more than 50 delicious and easily achievable recipes, influenced by The River Cafe Classics. With photography by Matthew Donaldson and design by Michael Nash Associates.

The first half of this vivid new cookbook takes readers through a ‘look book’ – where recipe images are partnered with evocative and contemporary photography. A vase of dramatically wilting tulips is set next to spaghetti alle vongole – and we recognise the related curves and complex and graceful warp of stalk in the pasta. Roasted triangles of red and yellow peppers soften opposite a floppy straw hat, folded into a box. These images serve as an immersive and inspirational reminder that cooking is much more than just science, it is an art, creating a picture on a plate that requires all your senses and most importantly your imagination.

River Cafe Look Book: Recipes for Kids of all Ages now available at Dover Street Market.

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