Dave Swindells “Ibiza ’89” launches at the IDEA Space at Dover Streer Market. Basement. The book will also be available to purchase on the DSML E-SHOP.

The third edition of “Ibiza ’89” by club photographer Dave Swindells travels back in time to explore the most infamous clubs and bars of the white island: Ku, Amnesia, Pacha and Café del Mar, photographed before Ku and Amnesia were forced to cover their al fresco dance floors and waves of British clubbers washed up.

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Ibiza 89 Amnesia Enrico.jpg

Ibiza 89 Ku Podium Dancers.jpg

“It was easy to believe that almost anything was possible in Ibiza in 1989; that many of the big clubs put MDMA powder into their cocktails; that there was always another club or bar to carry on to; that it didn’t really matter about your age or sexual preference or how much money you had if you came for the fiesta and the music; that there was always a secret cove or beach where you could create your own party... And all of that was pretty much true.”

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